LLWS HS9 Batting Gloves For Adult By Easton

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Show your pride for your favorite Little League World Series team with the Easton LLWS Special Edition HS9 Batting Gloves. Soft sheepskin leather construction ensures ultimate feel and durability at the plate, while Zonal Flex Mesh placement on every knuckle and joint provides maximum fit and comfort. The Easton LLWS HS9 Batting Gloves also feature 3D wrap-around palms with diamond texture for added grip. Product Features : Zonal Flex Mesh on every knuckle and joint to maximize fit and comfort NeoErgo Palm Design with palm notches and ergonomic layers creates more surface area for gripping Velcro tab wrist closures offer a secure fit Model: A121220PR Brand : Easton S: A = 98, B = 214, C = 88, D = 84 M: A = 102, B = 220, C = 89, D = 86 L: A = 106, B = 227, C = 91, D = 89 XL: A = 110, B = 233, C = 93, D = 92 XXL: A = 114, B = 239, C = 95, D = 94 A (PALM WIDTH): Measure the width of your palm, starting above the crease of your thumb B (HAND LENGTH): Measure from the base of your palm to the tip of your middle finger C (MIDDLE FINGER): Measure the length of your middle finger D (THIRD FINGER): Measure the length of your second longest finger Measurements above are listed in millimeters. Measure your dominant hand for best results. Allow 2 - 3mm; Gloves should fit tight without restricting blood flow or being uncomfortable.

HS9 Hyperskin offers an athletic, second-skin fit

Soft sheepskin leather construction for ultimate feel and durability

3D Palms wrap around to the back of the hand, eliminating side seams

Exclusive diamond texture on palms for added grip and control

Special Edition Little League World Series (LLWS) adult batting gloves