STS Protective Batting Gloves For Adult By PALMGARD

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Designed with PALMGARD's patented Shock-Transfer System (STS ) to eliminate painful sting at the plate, the STS Protective Batting Gloves combine comfort and durability into one fully-functional design. These adult batting gloves, ideal for use with wood bats, feature a Dura-Grip embossed leather palm and extended wrap-around padding in the index finger and thumb regions to offer exceptional grip.Product Features : XL: 8" - 8-1/4" Measurements above are listed in inches. Measure your dominant hand for best results. Measure from the base of your palm to the tip of your longest finger to determine length. Gloves should fit tight without restricting blood flow or being uncomfortable.

L: 7-3/4" - 8"


Model: STA-307Z

S: 7" - 7-1/4"

M: 7-1/4" - 7-3/4"